Why my JBL Charge 4 Not Turning On? (Quick fix guide)

JBL Charge 4 Not Turning ON

The JBL Charge 4 stands out in the portable audio market with its impressive 20 hours of playtime, brisk 4 hours of charging time, and substantial 7,500 mAh battery capacity.

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker surpasses its predecessor with enhanced specs, marking a significant improvement in quality and performance.

Despite these robust features, users may occasionally encounter an issue where the speaker fails to power up.

  • If yours isn’t turning on, ensure the charging light at the base blinks; if fully charged and still inactive, the power button may be worn or damaged.
  • Your JBL Charge 4 might not power on due to low battery, faulty components like the power switch or battery, or outdated firmware, which can lead to software glitches and circuit board damage.

In my time with the JBL Charge 4, I’ve become quite adept at troubleshooting these speakers.

If your are also struggling with issue to turn on your speaker, here’s a blend of expertise and personal experience to diagnose the issue.




Key Takeaways

  • Power Button Issue: If your JBL Charge 4 isn’t responding, the power button might be jammed or faulty. Attempt to dislodge any obstruction by pressing the button multiple times, or consider replacing the switch if necessary.
  • Battery Replacement: Should your speaker fail to power up, a battery failure might be the culprit. Substituting the old battery with a new one could effectively resolve this issue.
  • Over-Discharged Battery: An over-discharged battery can prevent your JBL Charge 4 from turning on. Try connecting it to a power source for a while to rejuvenate the battery.
  • Exiting Service Mode: If your speaker is stuck in service mode, connect it to a charger and press the Bluetooth and play/pause buttons at the same time to exit this state.
  • Resetting to Fix Glitches: To rectify bugs or technical hiccups, reset your JBL Charge 4 by holding the volume up (+) and Bluetooth buttons together for 10-15 seconds.
  • Charge Adequately: A low charge can prevent the speaker from turning on. Make sure your JBL Charge 4 is fully charged before use.

Why is JBL charge 4 not turning on?

  • It’s crucial to consider factors such as battery health, connection stability, and charging integrity.

Simple troubleshooting steps can often resolve the issue, ensuring that your speaker is ready to deliver its exceptional audio performance whenever you need it.

How to Fix : JBL charge 4 not turning on

Prior to tinkering with your speaker, ensure it’s operational and capable of turning on.

These initial actions will help you diagnose why your JBL Charge 4 may not be powering up.

Confirm Speaker Functionality

Initially, you might think your speaker is completely unresponsive, but first, ensure it’s already powered on.

A subtle backlight on the power button that glows is a tell-tale sign.

Gently press the power button; if the power LED lights up, your speaker is indeed on but might be facing other issues.

Enable Sound Feedback

Moving forward, confirm that your JBL Charge 4 can actually turn on with an audio cue. A distinctive feedback tone should emit from the speaker when you press the power button.

If you’re not hearing this, ensure the feedback tone is activated through the JBL Portable app. Available for both Android and iOS, this app can be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Check Power Button

If your JBL Charge 4 doesn’t turn on, ensure that the power button, located in the middle of the device, is functioning properly.

  • A back light should check if it’s on or off. If there’s no light when the speaker is pressed, the device might not be powered on.


Charge The Speaker

When the JBL Charge 4 won’t turn on, the battery could be the issue.

This speaker uses a Lithium-ion Polymer 3.6V, 7500mAh battery that might have drained to 0% due to its self-discharge rate of 0.5-3% per month.

If the speaker hasn’t been used for a few months, the battery level could be critically low.

  • Check the battery indicator lights at the bottom of the speaker; 5 small LED lights will indicate how much battery is left.
  • If it’s not powered up to at least 20%, even 1 battery indicator lit means the battery is 20% or less. Remember, a full battery provides up to 20-hours playtime, so it’s crucial to charge it adequately.
  • Initiate Charging: Locate the flip door behind the speaker and open it.
  • Connect USB-C Cable: Insert one end of the USB-C cable into the speaker’s USB-C port.
  • Wall Charger Setup: Connect the other end of the charging cable to a wall charger.
  • Power Source: Plug the wall charger into an electrical outlet.
  • Charging Duration: Allow the speaker to charge for approximately 4 hours.
  • Post-Charging: After charging, disconnect the charger and close the flip door.
  • Check Charging Status: Observe the battery indicator lights; a white flashing LED indicates the speaker is charging. If the lights are off, press any button to activate the battery indicator light.
  • Troubleshooting: If no lights are visible, consider the possibility of a faulty charger or speaker.


Exit The Lock Mode

If your JBL Charge 4 is not turning on, it might be in Lock mode often called service mode, a feature that disables button functionality to prevent unauthorized access.

When in lock mode, the speaker won’t turn on even when connected to a charger. This mode can be accidentally or intentionally activated.

  • To exit lock mode, press and hold the Bluetooth and Play buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds.

This action should unlock the speaker. Make sure it’s connected to a power source, like a wall charger or PC, while performing this step.

Replace The Power Button

A common issue when the JBL Charge 4 won’t turn on is a faulty power button.

If it feels loose or damaged, it may not be sending the correct signal to the internal circuitry that triggers the necessary processes to start the device.

Examine Power Button:

To assess a malfunctioning power button, follow these steps:

  • Visual Inspection: Look closely at the button.
  • Cleanliness: Wipe and clear the power button area.
  • Functionality Test: Check if the button moves properly.
  • Professional Help: Consider getting expert advice.
  • Alternative Checks: Observe if the battery indicator lights up or the speaker activates upon charging. If so, the power button may be defective.

If pushing the button fails to power up your speaker, the problem might be a need to replace the power button. A faulty power button can prevent the device from turning on.

In such cases, seek an authorized repair center or a local electronic shop for a reliable fix.

Replace The Battery

For a JBL Charge 4 that won’t turn on, the battery could be the issue.

If it’s damaged, faulty, or old, and has been exposed to high temperatures or physically damaged, its performance can degrade.

After 300-500 charging cycles, a battery’s performance and capacity can decrease.

If you notice problems after daily charging and certain usage patterns, including charging voltage, current, and depth of discharge (DoD), it might be time to replace the battery.

Sometimes, even temperature and how it’s stored can affect it.

Before replacing, try connecting it to a power source or charger for about 20 minutes to see if it powers up.

Broken Charging Port

If your JBL Charge 4 is not charging, it could be due to a broken USB-C port. A damaged port can prevent the charging wire from properly connecting with the devices.

In this case, you’ll need to replace the port bay.

Try Button Combinations

Sometimes, JBL Speakers can be revived by using certain button combinations for debugging.

These combinations can reset the system and may help the speaker turn on if it’s not responding.

  • Initial Power Attempt: Rapidly press the power button 6-8 times, then on the 8th press, hold it down until the speaker turns on.
  • Extended Hold: Firmly hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Check for Firmware Issues: If these steps resolve the issue, it may indicate your speaker has an old firmware version.
  • Firmware Upgrade: To prevent future problems, consider upgrading the firmware version of your JBL speaker.

Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on your JBL Charge 4 can restore it to its original factory settings.

  • This process clears the internal memory and can be particularly useful if the speaker won’t power up due to a software bug.

After a hard reset, check if the powered-up lights turn ON.

  • Initiate Reset: Simultaneously press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Up (+) buttons.
  • Await Audio Cue: Release both buttons when the speaker emits a brief sound, signaling it’s powering off/on.
  • Power Test: Attempt to turn the speaker off and then back on.


Outdated Firmware

Your speaker might fail to turn on if it has outdated firmware.

  • Regular updates not only unlock new features and functions but also resolve minor glitches that might cause the speaker to act up.

The update process can be easily done via a smartphone using the JBL Portable app, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

  • Start by opening the JBL portable app.
  • Navigate to Settings to search for available updates.
  • Click on the gear icon to enter the Settings menu.
  • Select Update to begin installing the latest software version.
  • Adhere to the on-screen instructions to finalize the update process.

Frequently Asked Questions

JBL Charge 4 not turning on could be due to a low charge, a faulty battery, a defective power switch, outdated firmware, software bugs, a flat battery, or even a damaged circuit board.

If your JBL Charge 4 won’t turn on, first identify the cause of the problem. It could be low on battery; in this case, recharge it. If the power button is clogged with dirt or grime, it could lead to powering issues, so ensure to clean it. Other solutions include a reset to factory defaults or updating the firmware to tackle any emerging issues

To solve power, charging, or pairing issues with the JBL Charge 4, a reset can be helpful. Although there isn’t a dedicated reset button, you can reset the speaker by pressing and holding two buttons: VOL UP and Bluetooth.

Performing a hard reset on a JBL Charge 4 that won’t turn on can clear hectic bugs or glitches that leave the device dead. This is done by pressing and holding the volume up (+) and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds.

Unfortunately, voice commands cannot be used to turn on the JBL Charge 4. While it does support voice assistant functionality, the speaker must first be powered on using the power switch.


When your JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker fails to turn on, it can be a real let down. However, solving this problem is often more easy than it seems.

Whether you decide to visit a repair shop or use this guide to troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself, you can get your speaker back to work in no time.

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