FUNCTIONS OF JBL Charge 5 Buttons-(EXPLAINED)(2024)

ULTIMATE GUIDE-JBL Charge 5 buttons

When it comes to the JBL Charge 5, it’s more than just a speaker; it’s a marvel of upgrades compared to its predecessor, the JBL Charge 4.

This speaker not only sounds great but also offers an uncomplicated experience with its intuitive control buttons neatly organized in a row.

  • Six buttons located at the top of the speaker provide control over volume, play/pause (which can double as skip), power, PartyBoost, and Bluetooth.

From an accessibility perspective, the inclusion of clear labels on the buttons enhances the aesthetic of the device.

And if you ever need guidance, the quick start guide is your trusty guide.


In my experience, the JBL Charge 5 is a testament to innovation in portable audio, providing a top-notch experience that’s both user-friendly and stylish.



From the moment of purchase, you’ll notice the improvements, starting with its impressive IP67 rating that ensures it’s waterproof and offers protection against dust and solids.

The real highlight lies in its features, including a built-in voice assistant for hands-free calling.

The audio quality is a treat for music enthusiasts, with a balanced sound signature, rich bass, and crisp treble thanks to the dual bass radiators and a 20mm tweeter.

Lets explore button functions in detail !

Key Takeaways

  • The JBL Charge 5 features six user-friendly control buttons located on its top panel.
  • Similar to most JBL speakers, the JBL Charge 5 buttons are represented by icons or symbols without explicit labels.
  • JBL Charge 5 buttons facilitate turning the speaker on/off, playing, pausing, skipping tracks, pairing with other devices, and factory resetting.
  • Enable audio feedback sounds on the JBL Charge 5 through the app to receive chiming alert tones for power, Bluetooth, or volume button presses.
  • Unlike other JBL Bluetooth speakers, the JBL Charge 5 lacks a dedicated reset button; reset it by pressing Volume Up and Play/Pause simultaneously for two seconds or more.

JBL Charge 5 Main Button Functions

When it comes to the JBL Charge 5, you’ll notice it’s not just about the sound; it’s also about the user interface.

The top panel of the speaker showcases a unique design with six control buttons, informative lamps, and a battery gauge light strip, all adorned with distinctive icons, symbols, and embossed shapes.

Functions :JBL Charge 5 Button

Each of these buttons serves a specific function, but you won’t find their roles explicitly stated. Instead, it’s a tactile adventure where you decipher the controls through touch.

In my experience, this design choice makes the JBL Charge 5 not just user-friendly but also creates a unique and engaging interface that sets it apart in the world of portable speakers.

PartyBoost Button

On the JBL Charge 5, the PartyBoost button sits prominently on the left side, featuring an embossed infinity icon that signifies its unique function.

This small yet significant control button allows you to connect your speaker with other PartyBoost-compatible speakers, creating an amplified audio experience that can elevate any gathering.

  • The ability to link multiple speakers together and control the volume adds a dynamic dimension to your music, making it a must-try feature for those who enjoy immersive sound.

Volume Down Button

Opposite to the PartyBoost button, you’ll find the Volume Down button, marked with a subtraction symbol. Its function is straightforward – to lower the volume level of your speaker.

With each press, you can easily step down the volume or even mute the speaker when needed, giving you precise control over your audio experience.

Whether you’re enjoying music at a moderate level or need to quickly reduce the sound, this button makes it hassle-free.

Power Button

The Power button on the JBL Charge 5 is truly multifunctional. It serves as the gateway to your music adventure, allowing you to turn the speaker on and off with a simple press.

The power icon illuminates to indicate the device’s status, creating a sense of anticipation as the speaker comes to life or gracefully shuts down after a great listening session.

  • This button is your entry point to audio bliss.

Bluetooth Button

In the world of wireless speakers, the Bluetooth button is your bridge to connectivity. With the JBL Charge 5, you can effortlessly pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or other devices.

A quick press puts it in pairing mode, making it easily discoverable to your devices. This button transforms your space into a hub of sound, connecting you to your favorite music sources.

Volume Up Button

When you’re ready to elevate your audio experience, the Volume Up button is your ally. With each tap, you can increase the speaker’s volume level incrementally.

It offers 32 steps of adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect balance for your listening pleasure.

Whether you prefer a subtle background melody or a room-filling sound, this button gives you precise control

Play/Pause Button

The Play/Pause button on the JBL Charge 5 is more than a mere symbol—it’s your portal to music mastery.

This flipped triangle holds the power of playing, pausing, and skipping tracks in the palm of your hand.

Whether you’re engrossed in a call on your phone or navigating your music player, a simple tap transforms your world.

It’s the ultimate tool to stream music seamlessly, ensuring every song is at your command, and you’re always one tap away from tracking backward.

Battery Indicator & Charging Port

Right beside the power and Bluetooth buttons, you’ll find two essential features: the battery indicator and the charging port.

The battery indicator tells you how much power is left in your JBL speaker. If it turns off, simply press either the Volume Up or Volume Down button to wake it up.

To charge your speaker, just use the charger that came with your JBL 5. Plug one end into the charging port and the other end into a wall charger.

It’s that easy to keep your JBL 5 powered up and ready to go!

JBL Charge 5 Special Button Functions and Combinations

Beyond their individual prowess, the buttons on the JBL Charge 5 unite to create a symphony of possibilities.

  • These control buttons aren’t limited to singular functions; they are versatile and can be combined to unleash a myriad of features.

Whether you’re troubleshooting or want to dive into pairing mode for a flawless Bluetooth connection, the combinations are your secret keys to unlocking the full potential of your speaker.

As someone who appreciates the art of control, I’ve found that these button functions and combinations on the JBL Charge 5 offer an unparalleled level of convenience and customization, turning every listening session into a harmonious experience.

Here is a breakdown of the JBL Charge 5 button functions and combinations:

Pairing Mode/Discovery Mode

In the world of the JBL Charge 5, the term “Pairing Mode” takes center stage.

This feature empowers your speaker with the magic of Bluetooth connectivity. Imagine the freedom to effortlessly stream music from your favorite devices.

Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets, the Charge 5 becomes discoverable, eagerly waiting to create a musical symphony.


It’s the gateway to an immersive listening journey where your devices and the Charge 5 harmonize to deliver exceptional audio.

  • Step 1: Activate your JBL Charge 5 speaker by turning it on.
  • Step 2: Press the Bluetooth button to initiate discovery/pairing mode. The button will blink to indicate it’s ready to connect.
  • Step 3: Enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet via the device’s settings.
  • Step 4: Allow your phone to search and display a list of discoverable Bluetooth devices.
  • Step 5: Select JBL Charge 5 from the list to establish a connection.

  • Note: Activating the Bluetooth button on your speaker sets it to discoverable status, but be aware it will remain in pairing mode for just 3 minutes before it exits this state.


When it comes to the JBL Charge 5, it’s all about elevating your listening experience, and PartyBoost Mode is the key to achieving that.

This mode offers a balanced sound profile that accentuates the richness of bass, creating a mini disco right in your own space.

  • Activating PartyBoost Mode not only amplifies the music but also connects your speaker with other PartyBoost-compatible speakers, ensuring the beats resonate throughout the room.

  1. Power on your JBL speaker.
  2. Establish a connection between your speaker and your phone or tablet.
  3. Download and install the JBL Portable app available for both Android and iOS.
  4. Initiate PartyBoost by pressing the PartyBoost button on each speaker you wish to link.
  5. Await the connection, which should complete within 30 seconds.
  6. Launch the JBL Portable app.
  7. Choose Stereo Mode for split-channel sound or Party Mode to synchronize audio across all speakers.

Tip: To disconnect PartyBoost from your JBL Charge 5, simply press the PartyBoost button.

Service Mode 

Service Mode on JBL Bluetooth speakers is a powerful feature that provides control over your device.

It allows you to lock and deactivate certain functions, particularly the battery-related ones, giving you a customized experience.

  • However, keep in mind that with Service Mode ON, you cannot use your speaker for regular listening.

  • Activating Service Mode:
    • Power on your speaker.
    • Simultaneously press the Bluetooth and Play/Pause buttons.
    • Release both buttons once the speaker powers off, indicating service mode is active.

  • Deactivating Service Mode:
    • Connect a charger to your speaker’s charging port.
    • Press the Bluetooth and Play/Pause buttons together for several seconds.
    • Release the buttons when the speaker powers back on, signaling the exit from service mode.

Firmware Version Check

To ensure your JBL Charge 5 performs at its best, it’s essential to keep the Firmware Version up to date.

Upgrading to the latest version not only unlocks new features but also enhances the overall performance of your speaker.

You can easily achieve this through the JBL Portable app or by following specific button combinations. It’s a simple yet crucial step to maintain the peak performance of your speaker.

  • Switch on your speaker.
  • Hold down the Volume Down and PartyBoost buttons simultaneously.
  • Let go of the buttons after 3 seconds.
  • Listen for a voice prompt announcing your firmware version number.

Power Cycle JBL Charge 5

When your JBL Charge 5 decides to freeze or encounters a malfunction, fear not!

  • The Power Cycle is here to save the day. This technique is your go-to solution for resolving hardware issues.

By holding down the POWER button, you initiate a graceful shutdown, and your speaker promptly restarts as if it just woke up from a refreshing nap.

It’s like hitting the reboot button on life’s glitches.

Reset JBL Charge 5:

Is your JBL Charge 5 not charging correctly or having trouble connecting to paired devices?

  • When sound issues, or persistent bugs and glitches get in the way, it’s time for a Reset.

This magical action brings your speaker back to its pristine factory state, wiping away all troubles and starting anew.

As someone who appreciates the beauty of a fresh start, the Reset function on the JBL Charge 5 is like a breath of fresh air for your audio adventures.

  • Activate your speaker by turning it on.
  • Remove the speaker from the list of paired devices on your phone or tablet.
  • Concurrently hold the Volume Up and Play/Pause buttons for 2 seconds.
  • Your speaker will reboot on its own, completing the reset process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Power button: It’s your gateway to turning the speaker on and off, offering a seamless audio experience.
  • Bluetooth button: This button makes your speaker discoverable, ensuring a smooth connection to your devices.
  • PartyBoost button: It’s the key to connecting with other PartyBoost-compatible speakers, delivering an amplified sound experience like no other.
  • Volume control buttons: These buttons give you precise control over the volume level of your music, with 32 steps to find the perfect level.
  • Play/Pause button: It’s not just a triangle—it’s your tool for playing, pausing, and skipping tracks during your audio adventures.

The infinity button on your JBL Charge 5 is no ordinary symbol; it’s the PartyBoost button in disguise. It holds the power to connect your speaker with other PartyBoost-compatible speakers, creating an amplified listening experience that transforms any gathering into a party. Simply pair your phone, and the magic begins.

To adjust the bass on your JBL Charge 5, you have multiple avenues. Whether it’s the dedicated bass button, the JBL Portable app, or your phone’s equalization settings, you can fine-tune the audio to match your preferences. It’s your journey to crafting the perfect sound.

The triangle button is the gateway to audio control on your JBL Charge 5. It’s the Play/Pause button, and its functions are simple yet powerful. A single tap and you can play, pause, or skip tracks on your audio device, allowing you to effortlessly stream music and enjoy your favorite songs.

When you find yourself in need of a reset, the JBL Charge 5 has you covered. By pressing specific button combinations, such as the Volume Up button and Play/Pause button, you can delete pairings, unpair devices, and even reboot your speaker. It’s the path to a fresh start for your audio adventures.


In conclusion, the JBL Charge 5’s buttons offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, blending modern design with functional simplicity.

Whether managing playback, pairing with devices, or resetting to factory settings, users can rely on these buttons for a reliable and efficient interaction. Understanding and utilizing these controls is key to maximizing the enjoyment and performance of your JBL Charge 5 speaker.

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