11+ fixes -why JLAB Earbuds Not Charging (2024)

jlab earbuds not charging

Hey friend! Have you just encountered the problem of JLab earbuds not charging, I feel your frustration. You’re not alone; thousands of earbud owners have been through this. I’ve been there myself,

JLab earbuds, arguably among the best budget wireless earbud options on the market, often stop charging like many other electronic devices.

Remember, encountering charging issues with earbuds is common, but with a bit of patience and the right approach, most problems can be solved.

Fortunately, I’ve spent ample time and gained insights into the common problems and causes of JLab earbuds failing to charge.



The fixes I found apply generally to most JLab models, including the JBuds Air Pop and JBuds Air Go. Whether it’s about JLab Jbuds air one side not charging , right JLab earbud not charging or left JLab earbud not charging.

I have developed a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Keep this guide handy next time your JLab earbuds decide to take an unexpected break from charging.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure proper charging by aligning JLab earbuds with the metal pins or connectors in the charging case.
  • Leave over-discharged batteries to charge overnight for potential problem resolution.
  • Update the firmware to the latest version to address charging issues with JLab earbuds.
  • Fix malfunctioning JLab earbuds by resetting them to factory defaults.
  • For hardware-related problems with JLab earbuds, seek assistance from JLab support.

Top Usual Causes: What’s Stopping JLab Earbuds from Charging?

Understanding why your JLab earbuds aren’t charging is crucial to quickly resolving the issue.

Remember, these quality build earbuds might just need a bit of tinkering on your part to get them back in action.

How To Fix: JLAB Earbuds Not Charging

Here’s a quick guideline on identifying and fixing the reasons behind your JLab earbuds’ charging problems.

Remove Plastic films

If you’re encountering charging issues with your newly purchased JLab earbuds, especially the Go Air models,

  • it’s essential to inspect the charging case meticulously. Often, these earbuds come packed with a thin paper film that separates the earbud connectors from the case itself.

This isn’t just for aesthetics; it serves a purpose – to prevent over-discharging during shipping.

  • I’ve been there myself, eagerly trying to put my earbuds on charge, only to find no success. It’s crucial to remember that this film needs to be removed before charging.

The film is often inconspicuous, and it’s easy to forget about it, just as I did.

  • So, next time you wonder why your new JLab earbuds won’t charge, make sure to take out that thin paper film covering the charging pins –

It’s a simple step that can save you from the frustration of a non-charging device.

Check Pins Connection

When it comes to JLab earbuds not charging, one pivotal factor often goes unnoticed – a LOOSE CONNECTION.

  • This issue arises when the earbuds do not sit correctly in their case. Each earbud has a designated slot in the charging case, equipped with metal pins.

These pins must align precisely with the corresponding contacts on the earbuds to supply the necessary power for a safe and efficient recharge.

Now, imagine trying to fit a key into a lock in the dark. If the key doesn’t align properly, it won’t turn, right?

  • Similarly, if the earbuds are improperly placed in their slots, they won’t touch the metal pins as required. This loose or improper connection can easily cause the earbuds to remain uncharged.



Sometimes, even a slight adjustment can establish the connection needed to recharge the earbuds appropriately.

By paying close attention to this detail, you can often remedy a charging problem that at first seems complex but is in fact due to a simple misalignment in the charging case

Check Charging Cable

A FAULTY CHARGING CABLE can be a stealthy culprit when your JLab earbuds won’t charge.

This is a problem you might not consider at first, but it’s essential to inspect the cable you’re using.

  • Different cables and adapters can have varied power ratings, and not all are suitable for your earbuds.

Even if the cable fits the charging case, it might not meet the requirements necessary to effectively charge your earbuds.

  • In my experience, when dealing with a charging issue, the first step is to try a new or different USB cable. Ensure it has the correct rating for your device.

Sometimes, the cable itself might be damaged. If the cable is undetachable from the earbuds, the situation becomes trickier, and you might need to open the case to determine if a solder has come loose.

If you’re not comfortable with this, it’s best to buy a replacement. 

Change Charging Source

When your JLab earbuds are not charging, an effective approach is to change the charging source.

  • Sometimes, the problem lies not with the earbuds or the case, but with the power source itself.

If you typically connect the charging case to a low-powered USB port on a laptop, it might not easily charge the earbuds.

In such cases, it’s a good idea to eliminate this cause by using a different, more standard USB port or a wall charging brick.

Just changing to another power source can try and often successfully resolve the charging issue.

Over-Discharged Batteries

Another common but often overlooked cause for JLab earbuds not charging is over-discharged batteries.

  • This happens when the earbuds are left unused for extended periods, leading the batteries to drain completely.

To solve this issue, insert the earbuds into their corresponding slots in the charging dock and allow them to recharge.

Sometimes, if they’ve been drained for too long, they might need a kick-start.

A trick I’ve learned is to use two copper wires and a 1.5V AA battery. Carefully connect the positive and negative terminals of the earbud batteries to the AA battery for a few seconds. This can sometimes recharge the over-discharged batteries.

  • However, be cautious and if you’re not comfortable with this method, simply leaving them in the charging dock for around eight to twelve  hours can also gradually bring them back to life.

Outdated Firmware

A lesser-known factor in JLab earbuds not charging could be OUTDATED FIRMWARE. Models like Jbuds Air, Pro, Epic Sport, and ANC often require software updates to function optimally.. 

To address charging problems in your JLab earbuds, it’s important to stay updated with the latest firmware.

JLab doesn’t have one app that covers all models, so you’ll need to consult the user manual to find the right app for your specific earbud type.

For instance, if you have JLab Jbuds Air Pro, you should use the JLab Sound app, whereas the Epic Air Sport, Epic Air ANC, and Jbuds Air ANC models are compatible with the JLab Air ANC app.

These updates address minor bugs and issues, including those related to charging.

  • Failure to update can lead to various problems, such as difficulty in pairing, reduced sound quality, or charging issues

To update your JLab earbuds, proceed with the following steps:

  • Install the JLab app on your smartphone by downloading it from the app store.
  • Connect your earbuds to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
  • Open the JLab app on your phone.
  • Navigate to the ‘My Devices’ section in the app.
  • Choose your specific JLab earbud model from the list.
  • Access the ‘Updates’ section within the app.
  • Wait for the app to indicate if there is an available update.
  • If an update is available, click on the update notification and follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the process.

Clean Earbuds & Charging Case

A common reason your JLab earbuds might stop charging correctly is due to dirt, gunk, or wax buildup in the charging case or on the earbuds themselves.

Cleaning them can often fix these issues.

  • Use a toothpick or a pin to gently remove any debris from the ear tips and case. This preventive cleaning should focus especially on the metal pins that supply current to the earbuds.

Regular maintenance like this can keep your budget-friendly JLab earbuds in top working condition.

  • Use Compressed Air: Utilize a can of compressed air held upright to blow away hidden debris from the earbud charging ports.
  • Try A Soft-Bristled Brush: Gently brush the charging port with a clean, dry soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush, avoiding abrasive materials.
  • Finish With Isopropyl Alcohol: Swab the ports with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to eliminate any remaining residue, ensuring the earbuds are completely dry before charging again.

Physical Damaged Charging Case

When the charging case, an integral component with a primary role in keeping your earbuds charged and protecting them from external elements, becomes defective, your JLab earbuds won’t charge effectively.

Unfortunately, these cases don’t have user-serviceable parts, so if the issue isn’t repairable, spending on repairs might be less feasible than buying a new one.

  • In such scenarios, the most practical solution is to replace the damaged case or earbuds.

You can visit the JLab website and look for compatible replacement parts for reliable charging solution.

Case Temperature

Another important yet factor is to inspect the case temperature when your JLab earbuds are not charging.

A little-known quirk of Lithium-ion batteries is their sensitivity to extreme temperatures, both high and low.

These conditions can permanently damage the chemistry of the battery cell, leading to charging issues.

JLab earbuds have built-in safety features that may disable charging if the temperature is outside the normal range.

  • If your case feels unusually hot after constant use or cold from being left outside, bring it back to a moderate temperature and then try charging again.

Physical Damaged Earbuds

When troubleshooting the issue of JLab charging, a crucial step is to check for physical damage. This is a common cause for charging problems.

  • Damage can occur if the earbuds were dropped, hit, or exposed to harsh conditions. Water exposure can lead to corrosion of the internal circuitry or the battery, rendering it unable to charge.

Inspect your earbuds for visible signs of wear and tear.

Look for cracks, bent pins, or discoloration, which could indicate excessive heat, cold, or chemicals exposure.

  • Other abnormalities to watch for include melting or components appearing out of place. If you suspect any physical issues,

it’s best to contact JLabs for assistance, as physical damage can prevent the earbuds right or left side from charging properly

Bugs And Glitches

Despite being popular and affordable, JLab earbuds can encounter technical glitches, sometimes causing them to not charge.

  • These glitches can be hard to tell apart from other issues since they often arise from the customizable features that allow you to configure audio settings to your preferences.

A personalized setting might inadvertently be the root of the problem.

  • In such cases, a solution can often be to reset the earbuds to their factory defaults, clearing any glitches and restoring normal functionality.

To reset your JLab earbuds, follow these  steps:

  • The resetting method is uniform across all JLab earbud models.
  • Begin by removing the “JLab JBuds Air Pro” from your device’s Bluetooth settings to disconnect it.(click forget  device from bluetooth setting)
  • Place both earbuds securely into their charging case.
  • While keeping earbuds in the case, quickly press it 7 times. You should see it flash blue 4 times.
  • Repeat the quick 7-time tap on the second earbud while it remains in the case, watching for a blue flash 4 times.
  • Remove both earbuds from the charging case.
  • Observe that one earbud will display a solid white light, while the other will alternate between blue and white flashes, signaling they are now ready to be paired with your device

After performing a factory reset, you’ll need to re-establish the connection between your earbuds and your phone or tablet by pairing them once more with Bluetooth.



Leverage JLab’s Generous Warranty

Take advantage of JLab’s generous two-year warranty. If your earbuds are still within this warranty period, don’t hesitate to initiate a warranty claim and receive a brand-new pair of JLab Go Air earbuds as a replacement.

Consider Upgrading

For older earbud models, if alternative charging troubleshooting methods prove ineffective. contemplate upgrading to a newer set as a potential solution.

Consult JLAB’S Support

When it comes to JLab earbuds not charging, you need to understand the underlying hardware issues that might be at play.

If you find your JLab earbuds refusing to charge, don’t despair.

These earbuds typically don’t have user-serviceable parts, meaning you can’t tinker with them yourself. Instead, it’s time to consult JLab’s support for assistance.

  • The good news is that most JLab earbuds come with a solid warranty, and if your issues emanate from manufacturing defects, you should be eligible for a free replacement.

This means you can receive a new pair without paying a dime for it.

  • Phone: For U.S. support, call 1-405-445-7219.
  • Email:  support@jlab.com
  • Official Website: JLAB customer support service is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

JLab earbuds sometimes fail to charge due to loose connection or improperly aligned metal pins in the charging case. Additionally, dirt and wax blockage can mimic a battery failure, causing charging issues.

Yes, when JLab earbuds are inserted into the case and the case is plugged into a power outlet with a USB cable, both charge simultaneously. Ensure the cable is properly connected to the USB port and an AC adapter for effective charging. The external case recharges the earbuds while it’s charging.

To fix JLab earbuds that won’t charge, first check the connection. Make sure the metal pins in the charging case align correctly with the earbuds’ connectors. ‘

Remove any debris blocking the port and ensure there are no loose connections. Use an adequate and undamaged cable. If they’re still not charging, reset the earbuds to factory defaults.

To know if your JLab earbuds are charging, check the LED indicator on the case. After inserting the earbuds and closing the lid, the LEDs will blink or pulse. A white or red light will turn solid when nearing 100% charged.

Blue LEDs indicate the earbuds are docked and charging. Once fully charged, the LEDs turn off. This displays the current battery level and status.

To charge JLab earbuds, they need to be inside the charging case, which needs to be connected to a 5V USB port supplying up to 1A current.

If your JLab earbuds won’t turn ON, check if they have sufficient charge by fully taking them out of the case; possible reasons include physical damage or software glitches, including outdated firmware.

 As you can see, fixing JLab earbuds that won’t charge is not complex. You only need to check your connections, clean your charging case, or update the firmware. You can also reset the earbuds to factory defaults to erase custom configurations that might be causing the problem. If the earbuds are faulty, consider visiting a JLab service center to redeem your warranty.


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