Why JBL Reflect Flow Not Charging? (Free Guide)

JBL Reflect Flow Not Charging

In 2019, the JBL Reflect Flow emerged as a solid choice for workout enthusiasts and music lovers.

These true wireless earbuds became favorite among user for their speed charge function with remarkable 30 hours of playback time.

Despite their excellent specs and features, these devices can sometimes malfunction. If your JBL Reflect Flow earphones cease to charge in case or won’t start, don’t worry.

If JBL Reflect Flow not charging or ear buds fail to charge, issues often arise from dirt on the metal charging contacts due to sweat, skin grease, and ear wax.


To optimize performance, check the charging port for dirt buildup and USB cable and charger for any defects , damages or faults.

Key Takeaways

There are several straightforward remedies you can try to resolve these issues.


Why JBL Reflect Flow Not Charging?

It’s not uncommon for a JBL Reflect Flow to encounter charging issues.

Reasons your device might stop to charge entirely include any one of below outlined:

(Dirt or gunk. bugs, charging cable or port, power source or hardware damages)

How to Fix: JBL Reflect Flow Not Charging in Case

Experiencing charging issues with your JBL Reflect Flow in its case can be frustrating, but there are practical solutions to tackle this problem.

Let’s explore a couple of initial steps to get your earbuds back to powering up efficiently.

Dirty Earbuds & Charging Case

A common issue with the JBL Reflect Flow is when the device fails to charge. Often, users find their earphones suddenly stop charging or do not start charging at all.

This problem can be perplexing, especially when the earbuds have been a reliable companion during workouts or leisure times. The culprit is typically found within the charging box.

When the metal pins that supply current to the earbuds become dirty, they fail to establish a connection with the metal contacts on the earbuds, leading to incorrect charging.

The only solution to this predicament is to clean both the charging case and the earphones. This simple step often resolves the issue, restoring the JBL Reflect Flow to their full functionality.


Here are steps to follow to clean your earbuds:

  • Dampen a cotton swab with a bit of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the charging terminals of the earphones.
  • Scrub the contact surfaces gently to avoid damage.
  • Employ a cotton cloth to clear away any lingering residue on the earphones.
  • Use a fresh cotton swab to clean the charging case contacts.
  • Allow time for both the charging box and earphones to completely dry.
  • Finally, verify if the charging issue has been resolved.

How to clean your JBL Earbuds

Regular maintenance of the charging case and earbuds is crucial for the longevity and performance of devices like the JBL Reflect Flow.

Ignoring this simple routine can lead to frustrating disruptions in your audio experience.

Faulty Or Incompatible Charging Cable

On the other hand, a faulty or incompatible charging cable can also be a significant problem.

Using a different charging cable that is not original or compatible with the JBL Reflect Flow can hinder optimal charging performance.

Whether it’s a USB-A or USB-C cable, it’s vital to ensure that there are no breaks or defects, and it meets the specific power requirements of the device.

A damaged or incompatible cable can lead to inconsistent power supply and ultimately affect the earbuds’ ability to charge.

Regularly inspecting the charging cable for any signs of damage and ensuring a secure connection to a reliable power are fundamental steps to avoid charging issues with devices like the JBL Reflect Flow.


Damaged Charging Port

Conversely, a damaged charging port can be a physical hindrance.

Issues like bent pins within the charging case can prevent the adequate current flow needed to charge the earbuds.

While a tweezer might be used to straighten these pins, in severe cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire port.

Firmware Malfunction

The JBL Reflect Flow earphones are not exempt from temporary glitches or bugs that can lead to firmware malfunctions.

These glitches may cause the earphones to behave strangely or even not charge at all.

The remedy often lies in resetting the earphones to their factory defaults.

This reset process can clear the cache and correct minor bugs, but it's important to note that it will also erase all custom settings, requiring users to set up their earbuds anew.

To reset ,follow steps outlined below:

  • Position each earbud in its designated slot within the charging case.
  • Connect the charging case to a viable power source.
  • Firmly press and hold the button on the right earphone.
  • Keep this position maintained for a solid 5 seconds.
  • Let go of the button as soon as you notice the LED light flick off and then back on.

Disconnected Power Source

A disconnected power source often culminates in the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds not charging.

This issue may stem from a loose connection in the charging cable or the USB port.

Ensuring that the charging cable is connected firmly to both the earbuds and the wall outlet is crucial. 

Sometimes, a faulty socket or a defective USB port can be the culprit, requiring the use of a different one or an alternate AC adapter.

Over-Discharged Battery

An over-discharged battery can be a subtle yet significant cause behind the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds not charging.

When left unused for extended periods, the earbuds can over-discharge, leading to charging issues.

The internal cells may become deeply discharged, requiring a longer period to recharge. Placing them in their corresponding slots in the charging case and connecting to a charger might necessitate leaving them to charge for one hour or even overnight. 

In some cases, replacing the battery might be the only solution.

Incorrect Earbud Placement

Moving to incorrect earbud placement, the JBL charging box has specific slots designed for each earbud.

Ensuring that each earbud is placed in its appropriate slot is crucial for them to recharge properly.

A common mistake is placing the right bud in the left slot, which prevents proper contact with the charging pins, leading to the earbuds not charging.

Hardware Failure

Lastly, despite its solid build quality and durable design, the JBL Reflect Flow is not indestructible, and hardware failure can occur.

This could be due to visible damage or internal issues like a dead battery.

Remember, even rechargeable Lithium batteries have a lifespan of about 300-500 charge cycles.

In such cases, seeking assistance from JBL support or visiting a JBL service center for a potential battery replacement is advisable.

Answer: It takes approximately 2 hours to achieve a full charge of the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds. The super-charge function allows for fast and optimal charging times, depending on the power supply’s current rating.

Answer: JBL Reflect Flow typically lasts 10 hours of listening time when fully charged, with the charging case providing an additional 20 hours, totaling a maximum of 30 hours of battery life. A 10-minute charge can offer about one hour of playback.

Answer: When charging, JBL Reflect Flow buds in the back of the charging case show the battery level indicator. The charging port’s LED indicator on the earbuds will light up when they are correctly placed on the charger to recharge.

Answer: To fix a JBL Reflect Flow not charging, check for Dirty metal contacts as a probable reason and clean them. Refer to the user manual for issues related to the charging cable or faults, replace if necessary. Ensure the charging port is free from debris, the cord is firmly in place, or reset the device to resolve charging issues.

Answer: To reset the JBL Reflect Flow, place the earbuds in the charging case, disconnect from any power source, then press and hold the button on the right earbud for 5 seconds until the light on the bud turns off and on, restoring them to factory defaults.


Troubleshooting the JBL Reflect Flow not charging issue can sometimes feel overwhelming.

This guide aims to provide assistance in identifying and resolving such common issues, ensuring your earbuds are always ready for your next adventure or workout session.

Accumulation of dirt, dust, gunk, or earwax can block the metal contacts, preventing effective charging. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent many of these charging problems, keeping your JBL Reflect Flow in optimal condition.

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